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Old Notes

Having discovered Robert Walser's microscripts in 2014, I started assiduously writing notes everyday, wherever I was, about pretty much anything that was happening outside and inside of my head. Following a personal event in October of that year, I stopped this habit, put all the journals on a shelf, and left them to gather dust. Until yesterday, when, in order to clear my thoughts, I decided to read a few pages of one. I found notes that I took at a talk by Thomas Bayrle. What possessed me to write notes in this fashion I cannot recall, but they are, let's say, unique. They almost read like a poem, or like mind maps without the maps. Here they are:

Bayrle's BIG BOOK

makes the camel from camels

Having fun

Potato counters

The blue ants

Jazz fan

The grid the digital

grid is boring to the eye


Photocollages _ Photographing

toys in isometric way

cars - cities wallpapers -

The rosary is important.

The boredom of the repetition

the rosary rhythm machine

rhythm repetition rhythm

Rubber stamps

Series of one brushstroke

distorted 82 times

Dive into another area

and see what comes out.

Tibetan prayer - Tyre.

At the time, these notes informed a poem I wrote. You can read it HERE

Although mind mapping has always given me cerebral cramps, with hindsight, this kind of poetic note taking is actually quite powerful, and brings back vivid memories of the talk, much more so than straight note taking. To be repeated.

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