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Motivation Matters

Here I am, in this photo taken by Kate Willoughby for FEU Training. Tutor: Muriel McClymont.

Why was I there? On the whole, I'm pretty motivated most of the time. But I love FEU courses, not only because the tutors are excellent, but also because the courses are catered for us, the entertainment freelancers: journalists, writers, musicians, actors. If I were in a room full of accountants, lawyers, business people, I would feel different and isolated. I know that from experience, from having attended many self improvement seminars in the past. We creative freelancers all have our challenges and needs and mindsets, yet we also have a lot in common, certain insecurities, and passions. In particular, I like listening to actors and their take on things, because they are so exposed, and it's such a tough life. They need to refuel their motivation often. Also, as freelancers in these industries, we are more vulnerable to the whims of social media, fear of rejection, desire for validation. Bu the real validation and the real motivation come from the inside, from learning to embrace failure (which we should call feedback) as a learning opportunity. The course goes through a series of exercises to learn new ways of reading and telling our story, and envisaging the outcomes. Muriel is a great tutor, who makes you feel that you have the tools to achieve your goals, if you set them right, if you analyse them and understand your ultimate vision. Exchanging experiences and fears and desires with all the creative attendees was just fabulous in itself. It really did make me feel good and even more motivated.

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